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Get to know the people whose experience, knowledge and commitment can make your next energy conservation project a success.

– Our Mission –

Zerodraft Maryland was founded in 2008 with the mission of sharing our knowledge of building science to help our clients achieve higher-performance, lower-cost and more environmentally friendly commercial facilities and homes.

About Us

The firm’s roots go back over twenty years, to Chris Pfund’s Baltimore-based design-build practice. As a small team of professional architects and project managers, his company had long incorporated sustainable design and construction principles into its commercial and residential commissions.  In 2008, Chris and his son Kurt, who had recently graduated from the University of Maryland, decided that the time was right to make energy conservation work the primary focus and mission of a new company.  While Chris pursued advanced training in energy diagnostics and air sealing for large buildings, Kurt specialized in residential energy auditing, and Zerodraft Maryland was born. 

About Us


After a year or two establishing its footing and honing its craft, the company found that there was substantial interest and demand for energy conservation services, as more and more facility managers, homeowners, and utility programs were looking for qualified local contractors to help meet energy efficiency goals.  Over the years, Zerodraft has steadily added to its capabilities, staff roster, and reputation as one of the leading locally-owned energy management firms in the region, servicing some of the area’s most distinguished facilities and quickly growing from four to some forty people on staff.

About Us


In 2010, Zerodraft Maryland became a partner in the BGE Smart Energy Savers Program and a registered affiliate of Maryland Home Performance with ENERGY STAR®. In 2011, Zerodraft was selected as a Multifamily Quick Home Energy Checkup (QHEC) contractor, and in 2012, the company launched its Efficient Lighting Group, called Zeronet USA, to help facility managers and property owners capitalize on high-efficiency lighting upgrades. In 2013, Zerodraft was recognized by the Baltimore Business Journal as the #1 fastest-growing privately held company based in the Greater Baltimore area. In 2014, the firm added Aeroseal® duct sealing to its list of in-house service capabilities, and in 2015, the company initially chosen as an exclusive Pepco contractor to service assisted living facilities (nursing homes and dormitories) with a customized in-unit energy efficiency program.

About Us


With each passing year, we get closer to our goal of helping building owners achieve cost-effective net-zero energy buildings which help reduce our environmental impact and our dependence on volatile foreign energy sources.



Chris Pfund, AIA, BPI


Favorite Light: Bioluminescence found in nature, like fireflies

About Chris
Trained as an architect, and originally from Australia, Chris has three decades of experience in architecture, construction, and energy efficiency. He is a member of the American Institute of Architects and has led his own Maryland-based businesses for over 20 years, running both an architecture practice and then a design/build firm, which was the forerunner to Zerodraft. Chris is also a licensed contractor in both Maryland and Virginia and was the first in the company to achieve his Building Performance Institute certification.

Kurt Pfund, BPI


Favorite Light: The indicator light on the coffee maker!

About Kurt
Kurt was born in Melbourne, Australia, and grew up in Baltimore. He holds degrees from the University of Maryland and St. Mary’s Seminary & University and co-founded Zerodraft in 2009, shortly after finishing his undergraduate studies. Kurt has conducted hundreds of residential, multifamily, and commercial energy audits, and has completed multiple certifications from the Building Performance Institute (BPI) and the Association of Energy Engineers (AEE). He currently oversees all of Zerodraft’s procurement, warehouse, and scheduling functions. With a broad knowledge of energy efficiency technologies and programs in our region, Kurt enjoys helping multifamily building owners and managers navigate the complexity of federal, state, and local incentive programs to achieve better buildings with less waste.

 Office Staff

HR and Finance Manager

Katarina Pfund

Operations Manager

Favorite Light: German Schwibbogen lights

About Katarina
Katarina grew up in Germany and Poland and obtained her master’s degree from the Martin-Luther University Halle-Wittenberg. Her role consists of overseeing the company’s finances and HR, and working to continually improve company operations. In collaboration with the CEO and CFO, Katarina is also involved in overall strategic business management and planning. Additionally, She oversees the company’s multifamily business division.
Office Administrator

Molly O’Donovan

Office Manager

Favorite Light: Sunlight for gardening

About Molly
Molly is a Baltimore native and earned her degree in English and history from Roanoke College. Her work background includes teaching and writing. She is a published historian, having written two books on the history of Baltimore. Molly has worked as Zerodraft’s office manager since 2011 and assists in every aspect of the company’s day-to-day operations. From crew scheduling to customer relations, she is the face of Zerodraft and the glue that holds the company together.
Office Administrator

Stephanie Correlli

Data / Program Manager

Favorite Light: White Christmas lights

About Stephanie
Stephanie hails from Baltimore and holds a communications degree from Towson University and is an award-winning journalist. She has worked in the energy efficiency industry for over 10 years and has her Building Science Principles certificate. Stephanie is the liaison between Zerodraft and the various utility program administrators, as well as a customer relations specialist. Additionally, she assists in sales efforts, writing and designing marketing materials and helping maintain the company website and social media.
Data Management Assistant

Sandy Hudak

Admin and Accounting Assistant

Favorite Light: Sunshine for my books!

About Sandy
A Baltimore native, Sandy has been with Zerodraft since 2015 and has 20+ years of administrative experience. She performs administrative and financial duties, including utility program data entry and financial tracking. Sandy handles invoices and conducts quality control, communicating with field staff and utility program coordinators, and oversees streams of data from several programs in several states.
Data Management Assistant

Mark Bickel

Chief Estimator

Favorite Light: An open skylight

About Mark
Mark is another Baltimore native, with a degree in finance from the University of Maryland. He joined the Zerodraft team in 2015 and is the company’s lead lighting auditor and proposal writer. Mark is a certified Lighting Efficiency Professional with the Association of Energy Engineers. During his time at Zerodraft he has developed key financial tools that provide simple metrics for clients, helping greatly to turn proposals into projects.
Accounting Assistant

Sharon Wolniak

Accounting Assistant

Favorite Light: Sunlight, also for gardening

About Sharon
Sharon moved to Baltimore from southern Pennsylvania, where she obtained her degree in computer programming. She has been with the company since 2014 and provides administrative support for the finance and accounting manager, as well as for the data entry and quality assurance teams.
Data Management Assistant

Evan Russell, BPI

Project Manager

Favorite Light: A starry night

About Evan
Evan is from Mississippi and joined the team in 2022, transitioning into project management for the commercial lighting division after a decade of teaching English in Maryland and abroad. He holds his Building Analyst certification from the Building Performance Institute, as well as a master’s degree in modern languages from the University of Mississippi. Evan acts as a liaison between clients and our installation crews to ensure projects are completed timely, safely, and to everyone’s satisfaction.
Data / Program Manager

Nate Straughan, BPI

IT / Lighting Specialist

Favorite Light: My Amaran 100x video light

About Nate
Nate grew up in Baltimore and received his degree in communications from Towson University. He is BPI-certified and has a work history in environmental consulting. Since 2021, Nate has provided the company with everything from IT support to field work, as well as graphic design and optimizing the company’s spreadsheet operations.
Data Management Assistant

Ming Xu

Energy Analyst

Favorite Light: Sunlight

About Ming
Ming was born and raised in China. He obtained degrees in social justice and business from Virginia Commonwealth University and has a work history in IT consulting for tech companies. Ming joined Zerodraft in 2023 and is currently pursuing his BPI. He is a valuable addition to the team, helping with energy analysis and converting proposals into tangible projects.

Field Operations Staff

Commercial Energy Analyst

Rob Lingenfelter

Master Electrician / Field Operations Manager

Favorite Light: Classic Edison-style

About Rob
Rob hails from Baltimore and has held his Master Electrician license since 2022. He had previously been a journeyman since 2018 and has worked more than 10 years total in the electrical industry. Rob also has a background in home improvement contracting as well as installing generators. He is the newest member of the Zerodraft team, joining in 2023, and serves as our very own master electrician as well as our field operations manager. Rob is now certified to install electric vehicle charging stations, having recently earned his certificate from the Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Training Program.
Commercial Energy Analyst

Bruce Wowk, BPI

Energy Efficiency Analyst

Favorite Light: The one that the customer likes best!

About Bruce
Bruce is a Connecticut native and has a degree in recreation management from Montgomery & Springfield College. He has lived in Maryland for over 60 years and joined the company in 2020. Bruce is BPI-certified and works in both the company’s commercial lighting and residential QHEC divisions. He is one of Zerodraft’s lead lighting analysts, proposal writers, and salesmen. He has a solid work history of inside and outside sales, ran his own business as an independent manufacturers lighting rep, and then onto working with energy efficiency contractors.
Lighting Technician

Natalia Ventura

Energy Efficiency Technician

Favorite Light: Any white light

About Natalia
Natalia was born in San Salvador and has lived in the United States for over four years. She graduated from Colegio Cristiano Rey Salomón in San Marcos with a degree in certified public accounting. Natalia joined the Zerodraft staff in 2023 and works on both multifamily and commercial lighting projects.
Lighting Technician

Wilfredo Cortes, BPI

Energy Efficiency Specialist

Favorite Light: Motion sensor LEDs

About Wilfredo
Wilfredo was born in Honduras but grew up in Baltimore where he attended both high school and college. Prior to joining Zerodraft in 2023, he worked in the telecommunications industry installing fiber optics cables. Wilfredo holds his BPI certification and works as a crew leader on multifamily QHEC projects and also works in our single family and commercial divisions.
Lighting Technician

Mario Zapata

Energy Efficiency Technician

Favorite Light: The sun and the moon

About Mario
Mario is native of Honduras where he studied Civil Engineering. He moved to the US in 2016 and has more than seven years’ experience in the electrical field. He has worked in the commercial, residential, utility, and solar sectors performing maintenance, installations, and repairs. Mario currently works on commercial lighting projects for Zerodraft.
Home Performance Auditor

Mike Havrilla, BPI, BA, QCI

Multifamily Project Manager

Favorite Light: Sun at the beach or a toasty fire

About Mike
Mike is from the Washington, D.C., area but now resides in Baltimore County. He graduated from Towson University in 2013 and has been working at Zerodraft since 2014. He is a BPI-certified Building Analyst, Multifamily Building Analyst, and Quality Control Inspector. Mike also holds his journeyman electrician’s license. He has worked in many positions at Zerodraft including project management for both Home Performance and commercial lighting. He is currently pursuing a master’s degree and is active in the energy conservation industry, attending national conferences and training sessions across the country.
Home Performance Auditor

Nicholas Castillo

Multifamily Crew Leader

Favorite Light: The Northern Lights

About Nicholas
Nicholas hails from Baltimore and attended school in the Towson area where he has worked for multifamily properties for ten years. Nicholas’ background includes maintenance work for apartment complexes, including plumbing and appliance repair, as well as installing drywall and HVAC work. He currently serves as Zerodraft’s multifamily crew leader, managing our technicians who conduct quick home energy check-ups on apartment complexes.
Home Performance Auditor

TJ Johnson

Energy Efficiency Technician

Favorite Light: The light of the moon

About TJ
TJ joined Zerodraft in 2023 and works on our multifamily QHEC team and is currently enrolled in an apprenticeship program to obtain his journeyman electrician’s license. As the youngest member of our staff, he has a background as an electrical helper for a few companies and has also worked on maintenance teams. TJ is a Harford County native and brings with him a strong work ethic and knowledge of the ins and outs of energy conservation. He is a great team player and fits in perfectly with his crew!


Home Performance Auditor

Tim Tinker, Efficiency Services, LLC

Commercial and Multifamily Solutions

Favorite Light: The dappled sunlight in a forest

About Tim
Tim hails from Baltimore and has lived in the surrounding area his entire life. He attended Loyola College where he studied business. Tim’s work history is decorated, having worked as a mechanic, and owning an auto parts warehouse as well as a travel agency. He also worked as a stockbroker and a foundation engineer. Tim joined Zerodraft in 2012 and has trained for his BPI. He is one of the company’s lead auditors and salesmen, having sold over 20,000 units for our multifamily QHEC division. He is also our automotive expert, helping everyone with both business and personal vehicles.
Home Performance Auditor

Manuel Majin Chocad

General Construction and Commercial Lighting

Favorite Light: Not pole lights!

About Manny
Manny was born in Ecuador and moved to the United States in 2005. He currently resides in Baltimore County. His work history includes residential and commercial repair and maintenance, as well as general construction. He holds his HVAC apprentice license and works for the company’s commercial lighting operations as a crew leader and head installation technician.
Home Performance Auditor

Mitch Fischler, Mitch’s Marketing

Commercial and Multifamily Marketing Services

Favorite Light: The headlight on my bike

About Mitch
Mitch is from Massachusetts and graduated from the University of Massachusetts where he was trained as an engineer. He obtained his Professional Engineer (PE) license where he began his career in environmental planning. Afterwards, he worked for Honeywell Utility Solutions where he completed more than 200 home energy audits and was involved in the creation of the QHEC program. In addition, he was the lead marketing rep responsible for the entire Pepco and Delmarva Power territory. Mitch has more than ten years’ experience working with utility rebate programs, promoting energy efficiency, multifamily QHECs, peak demand reduction, lighting, and other energy conservation programs. He joined Zerodraft in 2012 and is one of our principal marketers for both multifamily and commercial projects.
Home Performance Auditor

William Ardon, WSNA Constructions, LLC

General Construction and Commercial Lighting

Favorite Light: High bays

About William
William is from El Salvador and moved to the US in 1994. He attended school in Pennsylvania and now lives in Baltimore. William’s background includes over 20 years of home improvement work. He joined Zerodraft in 2015 and now works as one of our lead installation technicians in our commercial lighting division.
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