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Whatever your starting point, we find ways to help you meet your comfort and efficiency goals.




We Find and Fix Your Home Comfort Problems.

Sometimes they’re this obvious.  More often, though you’ll benefit
from our expertise and advanced diagnostic equipment.  




We’re your Local Home Energy Experts.

Having worked in over 10,000 homes throughout the region, we know how to get your home performing better — and how to get you the right utility incentives for your project.   



Quick Home Energy Checkups

Customers of all major Maryland utilities now can receive a basic, no-cost energy check-up, in which one of our trained technicians will install a variety of energy-saving measures in your home at no cost, and advise you on additional energy-saving programs and opportunities. Update: the QHEC program now includes Google smart thermostats!

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High-Efficiency LED Bulbs

High-Efficiency LED Bulbs

LED light bulbs, now available in a wide range of styles, are a great first step towards permanently lowering your monthly utility bills.  With their long expected lifespan, you’ll be saving energy — not changing bulb — for years to come.

Energy Efficient Water Measures

Efficient-Flow Water Fixtures

With water costs continuing to climb, efficient water fixtures, such as showerheads and faucet aerators, can give you a sleek new look and consistent flow while lowering your water and water heating costs.

Energy-Saving Tips & Information

Energy-Saving Tips & Information

As home efficiency and utility program experts, we can advise you on additional steps you can take to further improve the comfort and efficiency of your home, and any programs available to help you get there.

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