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Save More Than Just Money.

Our proven energy efficiency improvements help you reach your environmental goals
while reducing your maintenance burden.

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Building energy solutions for commercial, multifamily, and residential properties.

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The intersection of high-efficiency, low-payback technologies such as LED lighting and controls with generous utility incentives makes now the perfect time to invest in energy efficiency improvements for your business or commercial property. Whether you manage a small nonprofit or a million square feet of space, we have the tools and expertise to help you better reduce, track, and control your utility budget. Act now while incentive funding is still available…

Multifamily energy efficiency upgrades


Happier Tenants, Lower Energy Bills, Reduced Maintenance Workload…. your goals as a professional multifamily manager are also our aims on each multifamily efficiency project. We’re proud of the reputation we’ve earned as a leading multifamily efficiency contractor in the mid-Atlantic region, and would love to talk about how to combine your management goals, our experience, and generous utility rebate programs to benefit your community…


Whether you’re just moving in or have been living there for half a century, we can help make your house a more comfortable, energy-efficient home. Using advanced diagnostic testing services and old-fashioned experience, our home energy auditors hone in on problem areas and present you with solutions that will trim your utility bills and make your home more comfortable in all seasons…

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Zerodraft Maryland: About Us

Our Story

In 2008, only a year out of college, Kurt Pfund was handed an issue of Home Energy magazine by his father, Chris, who had been practicing architecture and working as a general contractor for over twenty years. “I read it from cover to cover—and was hooked!” he says. “ I liquidated my savings account to buy the first blower door and infrared camera, and we haven’t looked back since.”

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Our Mission

At Zerodraft, our mission is pursuing the most effective products, techniques, and technologies to drive your building energy and maintenance costs closer to zero. Since our founding, we have performed over 50,000 energy checkups and audits of homes, apartments, businesses and nonprofits throughout Maryland, DC, Virginia, and southern Pennsylvania.

Zerodraft Maryland:

Our People

Meet the people who will be involved in auditing, specifying, engineering, calc-ulating, managing, and installing your energy project. We’re proud of our people — and confident that you will be confident in your first-rate Zerodraft team.

Our Projects


“Since undergoing an LED lighting upgrade by Zeronet, many employees are now commenting that eye strain has eased…”

Bart Scheffer, CPA, CVA
Managing Partner,
Glass Jacobson
Owings Mills, MD

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“We wanted to be greener and of course make the investment to improve the bottom line. I, personally, was surprised at how much more light we got…”

Donna DeRose
Property Manager,
HallKeen Management

The Courts of Camp Spring (400 units)
Camp Springs, MD

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“…They ‘get’ the whole LED thing. They’re aware of the trend. And they know it’s something that should be done, so it makes us more on the edge of things…”

Mark Dees
Fitness Together
Lutherville, MD

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“The lighting itself is a nice, clean, clear look. So much that people actually come in and say, ‘Man I like this store.’ I don’t think they know why they’re saying it, but I think the lighting has a lot to do with it – the ambiance it adds to the place.”

Joe Becchinelli
8th Street Liquors
Ocean City, MD

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Our Impact

By Upgrading

Commercial Facilities

Multifamily Units

Single-Family Homes

Nationwide, commercial and residential buildings account for about half of our end energy usage. Cleaner, greener buildings enable us to reduce our dependence on inefficient coal-fired power plants and lessen the need for new power plants. The result is cleaner air and water for everyone.

…We Have Saved Our Clients Over


Gallons of Water


Our Causes

We’re honored to support, through gifts and in-kind donations, a few local nonprofits who are doing great work in causes that intersect with our mission of creating healthier, more sustainable buildings and stronger communities.

Looking to green your nonprofit?

Contact us to discuss the grants and programs available to help area nonprofits save energy and reduce overhead expenses.

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