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Building Energy Efficieny

We're a full-service residential/commercial energy consulting and retrofitting company based in Towson, MD. Whether you are a seasoned commercial facility manager or a first-time homeowner, we can help you save money while improving the comfort and durability of your building.

Zerodraft Maryland

Stop Paying to Heat and Cool the Atmosphere

The first step in a typical Zerodraft project is a Energy Audit, in which we do an analysis of your building to determine areas of energy waste – and potential savings. This gets you the information you need to best choose which upgrades to enact in your Energy Retrofitting project.

Zerodraft Maryland

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How’s your home performing?

Home Performance is the art and science of identifying and implementing cost-effective measures to improve the health, safety, and comfort of your home. It begins with an Energy Audit — a lot like a doctor’s checkup for your home — and culminates in Home Performance Improvements that can improve the value and your enjoyment of your home for years to come.


Check Out the 2016 Home Performance with Energy Star Brochure!

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Zeronet: Commercial LED Lighting Upgrades


Investment-Grade Lighting Efficiency Audits

Can you recall the last time you had your building’s lighting systems inspected by an energy efficiency expert? If the answer is negative, you’re almost certainly paying too much to keep the lights on. Recent advances in LED lighting technologies mean that most businesses pay at least double what they actually need to for lighting.

LED tube lamps can be used in existing fixtures to provide high-quality indoor light for offices, businesses and institutional spaces at a fraction of the cost.

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“What the heck is a QHEC?”

As part of the “EmPOWER Maryland” Energy Efficiency Act of 2008, all Maryland utility customers already pay a surcharge that goes toward initiatives which will reduce statewide energy consumption 15% by 2015. Quick Home Energy Checkups (or QHECs, pronounced ‘Q-hecks’) are a key component in Zerodraft Maryland’s suite of professional Energy Management services for apartments and condominiums, as well as individual homeowners.

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